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What is benzocaine?
Benzocaine (Benzocaina) is a?white needle crystal (CAS No.: 94-09-7, molecular formula: C9H11NO2, molecular weight: 165), melting point of 90-92 °?C, slightly soluble in water, soluble Organic solvent
The local anesthetic intensity of benzocaine is worse than that of Dimethocaine, tetracaine and lidocaine, and slightly stronger than procaine. Therefore, benzocaine does not cause discomfort due to anesthesia when it acts on the mucosa. Benzociane is a?fat-soluble drug, so it is also easy to bind to the mucous membrane of the mucous membrane or skin, but it is not easy to penetrate and enter the body to produce toxicity. At the same time, benzocaine is used as a?local anesthetic in medicine. It has analgesic and antipruritic effects. It is mainly used for wounds, ulcers, mucosal surfaces and acne anesthesia, pain relief and itching. The ointment can also be used as a?nasopharyngeal catheter. Mirror and other lubrication to relieve pain.
The demand for benzocaine in European countries such as Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Brazil in South America is high. Most people use benzocaine for medical purposes, and a?small number of people use benzociane for experimental research, or mixing with other chemicals, and unconventional uses.

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